A Member’s Week in Review

James Tylee’s review’s his fitness week on Kakana. His workouts, metrics, and breakdown of what he did throughout the week.


Cardio Boxing Class with Luiz Faye … Not much to say, Boxing is FUN and 152 ACTIVE Calories and 117 Average Heart Rate.


Crosscycle class with Blaze Tres Foster, he combines Cycle with Weights, 150 ACTIVE Calories, and 115 Average Heart Rate.


Crosscycle class with Blaze Tres Foster again, Cycle / Weights, 143 ACTIVE Calories, and 112 Average Heart Rate. (Looks like I slacked but he beat me up only 24 hrs prior).


Yoga with Marsha Danzig lots of STRETCHING even IN the Wheelchair. 117 Active Calories and 94 Average Heart Rate. (Interesting).
Crosscycle class with Sunny Miller (different approaches from Blaze’s) 155 Active Calories and 113 Average Heart Rate.


Meditation Class with Nikki Palma (something new for me, but I’m trying it for Stress reasons) 130 ACTIVE Calories and 90 Average Heart Rate (am I “that” STRESSED?!). Definitely need the Active Calories to burn as a Wheelchair User due to the limited amount that we get to normally.


Crosscycle with both Blaze Tres Foster and Sunny Miller BOTH net you “Pushes” for the Wheelchair when using APPLE WATCH Workouts. So the harder you go on the cycle, the more you up to your PUSH Count for the entire day since the motioning is the same.

Apple put a LOT of money into identifying wheelchair usage and how it monitors calories and heart rate, so the PUSH count (like Steps) plays an important role.ALL of these Classes are EXTREMELY USEFUL and I use an Apple Watch with ALL OF THEM. Check out Kakana here.

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