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Updated: Blaze Makes World Championships


Blaze has qualified for the powerlifting World Championships in November. Lifting 250 LBS, Blaze came in second in his weight class.

Blaze Foster makes World Championships Qualifier in Powerlifting. Blaze has reached a point that very few athletes even have the ability to dream about, and that is participating in the World Championships Qualifier. This journey started in January and now the chance to show the USA what he’s got is finally upon him.

Blaze is one of the first instructors we brought on and every week he brings a high-level mentality and workouts to our community. His passion for health is only surpassed by his ability to lift a ton of weight! We asked him how he is feeling, Blaze said, “I’m ready and treating this week as normal as I can. It’s a chance to prove to myself and everyone what is possible, and for that, I couldn’t be more excited.”

We interviewed Blaze to ask him some questions about Para Powerlifting and training at an elite level for our Youtube page. You can check it out here. Blaze gives us insight into what it takes to make the World Championships Qualifier and how he approaches the intensity of the sport.

As Blaze makes the World Championships Qualifier, it stresses the importance of instructors like Blaze in that it dispels the preconceived notions that individuals with disabilities are not able to not only teach but be a part of the fitness industry. Blaze and the other Kakana instructors have completely blown that notion out of the sky and the hope is that individuals with and without disabilities will recognize that and start to internalize the power, strength, and overall vitality that individuals with disabilities possess.

You can watch the competition on zoom. We will post the zoom link on our social media sites when we get it. Here is info on Para Powerlifting.

If you want to catch Blaze when he returns from the World Championships, his class are Wednesday evenings on our adapted fitness platform. You can access the free trial here.

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