How To Jump Start Your Fitness Journey

It’s never too late to jump start your fitness journey. Life has gotten in the way, injuries occur, all of that leads to a blockade that can seem impossible to overcome. The idea of getting back into a groove can be intimidating. Not to mention, once you decide to start up again you may feel discouraged watching yourself struggle with workouts that you previously have smashed. This is normal, but the frustration can be enough to keep you from being that workout monster again.


One of the first steps before you actually dive back into a workout routine is to plan out what you want your routine to look like. If it’s been a while since you last worked out, you’ll definitely want to start small. As you plan out how to start working out again, think about your habits, goals, and a schedule and go from there. Find a friend who is already working out and has a routine, that person can be a key motivator.

Won’t Happen All at Once

2015 study published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, found that taking a break from physical activity for just two weeks can result in a rather substantial reduction of muscle strength and mass. In other words, if you were a workout monster before, don’t expect to hop back into it right away as nothing has changed. Instead, take it one step at a time.

Process not Perfection

Focus on you, your routine, and not the data or metrics you are trying to reach. Again, start small, 10-minutes or partial workouts, focus on your form, only pay attention to yourself, and ignore what others are doing. Studies have shown that there is strong evidence that exercise and regular activity positively impacts the processes of reducing anxiety, so the more you stick to your routine, the easier it will be to overcome those starting over nerves. The only goal is to just get that workout in. It doesn’t matter how long or how fast. When you start to workout after taking a break, leave the tracker, you don’t need it. You won’t hit the marks you previously did, and that’s ok. Your job is to move forward, one workout at a time.

Self-Belief is Important

Being fit and healthy should be about making yourself feel great, having confidence, and aiming to be your best. Remember to do this for you, not for anyone else, and not to please some notion of how you should look. Each time you exercise, know that you have moved in the right direction and celebrate that. Aside from some sore muscles, you will never regret a workout. You have to convince yourself you can do it. Your self-talk has to move from “I am not ready or fit enough” to “I showed up and I will continue to take steps toward my goals and simply enjoy the journey.”

At the end of the day, if you want to jump start your fitness journey, know that it’s a grind, it will never be a line that moves straight up and to the right. You will have great weeks and months and ruts that test every ounce of your mental fortitude. When you are in a rut that you feel you can’t get out of, take the steps above to help with the process. If you need help shifting your thinking, Kakana’s community is a great starting point to keep your headspace positive when it comes to your fitness, your goals, and yourself.

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