"It was wonderful to be a part of a community with similar abilities and interests."
Maryanne | St. Peters , MO
"I loved it and I can't wait to do more!"
Caitlin | North Wales , PA
"The instructors are the reason I am enjoying the live classes."
Meezan | Clarksville , MD
"I absolutely love being able to have classes with other individuals with disabilities. "
Lorry | Vero Beach , FL

More Than Fitness: A Unified Force

Bold, determined, daring, courageous.

A fighting spirit that can’t be stopped.

Inclusive Training

Our Fitness is Inclusive

Our classes are for everyone. You should be able to get a high quality workout and not worry if you can participate. An inclusive community is a powerful community, don’t you agree?

Community is in
our DNA

We are not a leaderboard and more than an achievement on a screen. We believe in the power of being together. It's not just a class, it's a group of like-minded individuals who will learn, engage, and support each other.

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Kakana Classes

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Fighting Spirit

Let Out Your Fighting Spirit

There are no boundaries to what we can achieve. Set out every day to break down barriers that are holding you back. Whatever your goal, it's time to unleash your potential. Together we will get there.

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An adapted experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Wide-Ranging Classes

Wide-Ranging Classes

We keep things interesting with a variety of classes of your choosing. Workout to crosscycle, cardio, strength, meditation, stretching, and more!

Workouts at the Ready

Workouts at the Ready

Get better every day with 7+ live classes a week, a vast on-demand library, and perfectly curated playlists of music to increase motivation and engagement.

Best Accessible Team

Best Adapted Team

Get expert instruction and live feedback during classes. Our accessible team of instructors propels you forward, making each class challenging and fun.



Trainers taught and grounded in accessible and inclusive fitness teaching from knowledge and experience.


Get maximum results in minimum time with in-workout adjustments based on your goals and preferences.


Choose from expertly curated library of adaptions that can help make the workout accessible and maximize your output.


Meet the best adapted fitness instructors in the world


Unrelenting excitement, every day.

Whether you use crosscycle, a strength class, or meditation, a Kakana Membership is your key to unlocking your potential and keep coming back for more.

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