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I wanted the first blog post and message about Kakana to be about who we are, where we come from, and why we are diving into this amazing project.

Kakana, in another form, was set to launch last February. When COVID struck, the videos we were supposed to film got scrapped and we had to pivot in a different direction. That direction led me to relentlessly hound Sunny Miller into helping me design an accessible cycling class; James Tylee in helping with the tech side of things; and my friends at Gamut Management for help in understanding and designing the platform as a whole. In the same time period, I met Adrien Burnett, who signed on as an instructor when we were just an idea on zoom. That brought me to individuals who have participated in the Paralympics and now Kakana instructors, Blaze Foster, Keith Gabel, and Garrison Redd. The last two to take the giant leap with us not long after was Marsha Danzig and Kevin Herbert. If you want to know more about these brilliant people, hit up our website or look for their blogs coming soon!

My view starting from before COVID was to create a platform that was accessible and inclusive first without sacrificing the quality of the workouts or the production value of the filming. My question was always, why are there an infinite number of companies that cater to individuals without disabilities: Peloton, Soul Cycle, Mirror, Tonal, Tempo, P90X, Fitness On Demand, Plank, FitOn, Orange Theory, Bar Method, Crunch, Echelon, and not a similar amount that focuses on everyone. And those companies are the ones just off the top of my head!

I can’t answer, yet, why there isn’t more out there, but what I can answer is, we will be offering intense and engaging classes both live and on-demand that will finally bring accessible fitness to the same level as the companies above.

Our goal is not just fitness. Everything we speak to, everything we believe in, at our core, is togetherness. It’s in our DNA. We will be transparent, honest, and engaging, not only in how we construct our classes but also across our platforms. Kakana will thrive because of everyone. Our first instructor came from our beta class. And I would be just as happy if a member of our community designed a new class, or shared a story of triumph, or wrote a blog post, or just shared their experience with a friend, or told us something wasn’t working.

In the time since we launched our beta class to now, I have already made new friends, shared new experiences, had fascinating conversations, and found new motivations. I will leave you with what Kakana means and how that will reflect our attitude taking our unified voice into the world. We will be bold, daring, determined, and courageous and have a ton of fun in the process!

2 thoughts on “WHO IS KAKANA?

  1. Congratulations on the launch of an awesome platform Matt! Thank you for giving everyone the chance to lead a health lifestyle. Proud and excited to be a part of Team Kakana!!

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