What Classes Did You Not Take Initially, But Now You Love?

Exploring a new live class is exhilarating. What classes do our Members love that they didn’t initially take? Here’s a quick rundown of the offerings and some member feedback.


A carefully designed, high-energy signature class combines cardio and strength for the workout of your life. A handcycle is used to create an accessible interval training workout that can be adapted for you. A member of ours, Emily said “I always watched other companies and their cycling classes and wondered when there would be a class that I could participate in, and now I can.”


Our strength classes incorporate small dumbbell weights and fast interval circuits that will drive you, in order to build muscle, improve bone density, increase flexibility, and increase endurance. Lory says, “They’ve become a huge part of my weekly training routine. I love that the classes give a great upper body workout.”

Cardio Boxing

Increase stamina with our more fast-paced, high-energy class. A class that will test your strength and stamina by combining standard boxing techniques, small weight exercises, and fast-paced bursts of speed that increase your heart rate and build up your endurance. Matt loves these classes, he raves that “Cardio Boxing is the perfect balance to the other classes at Kakana, as you are able to match functional movements with cardio, it’s the perfect blend.”


A unique art that uses concentration and calmness to help connect the mind and body while focusing on the breath and labeling your thoughts. Mary is a regular in Meditation, “It is 20 minutes of pure relaxation. I settle my mind and focus on me.”


Whether you’re looking for a challenging athletic experience or a connection to your inner you, our accessible yoga classes are a chance to connect the body and mind. “You don’t always get the chance on one platform to go from intense cardio to accessible yoga. Kakana’s accessible yoga class gives me the change I need during the week, to improve my flexibility and balance and the fact that is specifically accessible makes it even more amazing,” says James.

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