Introducing Adapted Kettlebell Classes

With our breaking news that we are bringing Adapted Kettlebell Classes to Kakana, starting July 15th, we sat down with our lead instructor Amy Bois to learn a little more about what Adapted Kettlebell Classes will look like on our platform.

Hi, Amy! So, can you define Adapted kettlebell training for us, in a sentence or two?

Adaptive Kettlebell Classes means exercises that are perfect for all fitness abilities with a focus on seated work. It’s perfect for wheelchair users, people with mobility challenges & injuries. Kettlebell training is accessible and practical for all. From the elite athlete looking for an edge to the fitness enthusiast looking for something new. And everyone in between. All can benefit.

How does Kettlebell complement the training our Members put in on all corners of the Kakana platform?

Kettlebell is the perfect addition to your training as it requires mobility, body awareness, & strength. Kettlebells are great conditioning tools for developing cardio and muscular endurance as well. The routines work motor skills and your balance more than traditional weights. This might be one form of exercise where you can’t totally turn your brain off!

Kettlebell is a very unique workout. What’s the biggest differentiator between Kettlebell training and everything else?

The shape of the kettlebell lends itself to unique exercises. Its odd shape forces you to do more work solidifying proper posture and alignment, which means decreased pain and risk of injury. There’s really something extraordinary about kettlebells when you learn how to perform the key exercises correctly. It’s a very different type of training from other fitness tools. Not to mention, it’s just plain fun! 

We can’t wait to dive in. What are you most excited for Members to gain from these classes?

I’m most excited to see them master moves that require precision. To see themselves succeed at something new! The movement of a kettlebell workout involves your whole body. Swinging the kettlebell raises your pulse, which makes it an effective cardio workout. The stretching you do increases flexibility, and the weight of the kettlebell offers the benefits of weight training: strength and toning. The variety that the kettlebell provides will give Kakana members a workout that is not readily available anywhere else in the world.

For folks who are not familiar with Kettlebell training. What are the essentials they need to get started with us next month?

It would be ideal to have two kettlebells of the same weight. Start light. Then work your way up. The lightest is the 9lb/4Kg. If you have never used them or done any strength training of any kind, start there.

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