Jesi Stracham Signs On To Kakana Team

We have added another titan to instruct! Jesi Stracham signs on to Kakana team. Jesi is a trauma survivor on a mission to help individuals see the opportunity in their obstacles. She is the founder of Wheel With Me Foundation, the owner of Wheel With Me Consulting, and a fitness and growth coach. Through her struggles, she works for teaching individuals the power of our mindset.

Fun Fact about yourself:

After I got out of the hospital I went on a trip by myself. When I fell in the hotel room and couldn’t get myself back up, I got mad, recording my meltdown, posted it on YouTube and it reached 50,000 people in the first few months of it being up. That video made me realize the impact our voice has and it’s what kick-started my personal development focus on the power of positivity.

What motivates you?

My motivation is who I want to be. As Matthew McConaughey says, I strive to be me 10 years from now.  I solely focus on becoming 1 percent better each day.  

What’s your training style?

Pushing my body as far as it will go. My goal is to become the strongest version of myself. I prefer the cross-training nonstop mentality, but also add a lot of therapy-based workouts into my regimen as well. 

You are teaching two different classes. The first is a functional mobility class. Why is it important? Your second class is Adaptive Cross Training, which we will call AX Training (such fierce title).  What should members expect?

The Functional Mobility class will focus on preserving the longevity of our shoulders. As a wheelchair user since 2015 and I wish I had taken proper nutrition and shoulder health seriously. 

AX Training is my favorite type of training. I love how fast-paced it is, the intensity of the variety of movements, and how it gets the heart & muscles pumping. 

How did you get involved with adaptive fitness?

I got involved in adaptive fitness through a local organization by Amanda Kloo called Project Momentum fitness.  Amanda opened the door for me and I pushed right through! Fitness has brought so much joy, happiness, and independence to my life. 

Jesi is leaning back in her wheelchair with the front wheels in the air and her right hand on the ground.

What do you do for fun?

I work. I’m in a place in my life where it’s grind time. I get the most joy and fulfillment by keeping my head down and working hard to become everything I’m capable of becoming. 

Who is your role model? Why?

I pull inspiration from people who are where I want to be. 

What’s one piece of advice for someone looking to reach fitness goals?

Make time for the work & make it a priority. Stop scrolling social media and put that time in yourself, your workouts, your physical & mental health. We constantly say how “we have no time” for self-care when in reality we aren’t making it a priority. Meal prep, getting up earlier, read 10 pages of a non-fiction book every day; do the things to improve by 1% daily. 

What’s your favorite piece of exercise equipment or accessory? (ex: therbands, weights, weighted ropes, handcycle)?

  • In the gym the concept 2 SkiErg! 
  • At home using my leg braces! 

We love this headline, Jesi Stracham Signs On to Kakana Team, what excites you about Kakana?

I am so excited! I LOVE THAT it is run by people with and without disabilities and that it is affordable for the disabled community.  

One of the best features is you can get a workout without leaving your home!

I’m excited to watch the platform grow as we impact lives!

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  1. My name is Juan Perez. I had an accident that took place a little over a year, that having an instructor is amazing because when you are in a wheelchair it is a new life you have to start from the bottom because everything is new for you and you need to learn quickly because what It is required to be in a wheelchair. The first thing is to put all the desire in the world to get ahead and be independent as soon as you can.

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