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Quick Nutritional Tips That Don’t Have You Eating Roots From Your Backyard

If you have nutritional advice, let’s hear it!

Nutrition tips can range from eating Kale chips to fasting to staring at fast-moving clouds (OK, that’s not one, but sometimes you feel as if the advice is that crazy.) The advice really can lead to some terrible tasing food. Here is a rational hit list that Kakana has put together with our instructors to give you some hints on the best ways to eat throughout the week.

Added Sugar is a Disaster
Added sugar provides empty calories and is believed to be a leading cause of diseases that kill millions of people each year.

Eat More Omega-3 Fats, They are Vital
A large part of the population is not getting enough omega-3 fats from their diet. Avoiding a deficiency in these essential fatty acids may help prevent many diseases.
There is no Universal Diet
The best diet for you is the one that works for you and you can stick to in the long term.
Stay Away from Artificial Trans Fats
Trans fats form in chemically processed oils and are linked to all sorts of chronic diseases. You should avoid them like the plague.
Eating Vegetables Will Improve Your Health
Vegetables are rich in all sorts of nutrients. Eating vegetables each day is associated with improved health and a lower risk of disease.
Avoid a Vitamin D Deficiency
Vitamin D is a crucial hormone in the body and many people are deficient in it. Reversing a deficiency can have powerful health benefits.
Refined Carbohydrates Are Terrible For You
Refined carbohydrates like processed grains are unhealthy. They are lacking in nutrients and eating them may lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin, which can cause all sorts of problems down the line.
Don’t Use Supplements to Replace Food
It is much more important to eat real, nutritious foods than to count on supplements to provide the nutrients you need.
It’s a Lifestyle Change That Will Change Your Health, Not A Diet
Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the only way to ensure long-term weight loss and a lifetime of improved health.
Stick to Unprocessed Food if Possible
The most important thing you can do to ensure optimal health is to eat real food. If it looks like it was made in a factory, it probably was made in a factory!

One thought on “Quick Nutritional Tips That Don’t Have You Eating Roots From Your Backyard

  1. As someone who is very passionate about good nutrition, I can say I completely agree with these tips. Spot on!! I do take a vitamin D supplement because I am deficient without it (as the article points out, many people are), but I agree food is the best source of nutrients overall! Great article!!

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