Kevin Herbert


A native of New Jersey. For his whole life, he has faced the challenge of living without his right hand as a congenital amputee. He strives to serve the community any way I can. From becoming a Certified Peer Visitor with the Amputee Coalition to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. He speaks with amputees all across the globe and even assist some with adaptive workout plans. Also, he works for a prosthetic company full time assisting individuals going through the amputation steps. His life has certainly had its share of adversity. After 28 years living it, he realizes he is not doing it alone.

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"By making you work hard, sweat, and have a ton of fun along the way. This is your fitness journey. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!"

How do you inspire?

Being a part of hockey teams all of my life I understand what it takes to grind out, hustle hard, and when everything is stacked against you, it’s you and your teammates who can come back and make the impossible, possible. Together, we can make the impossible, possible.

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